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Organic absorbent based on peat is a reliable assistant in the discharge of the consequences of oil and American spills! Environmentally safe and biodegradable, this natural material has a high absorption motivation, causes the absorption of petroleum products and other pollutants, preventing the spread of pollution.
One of the main advantages of using an organic absorbent based on its peat is that after application, the water becomes absolutely clean, without any remaining impurities. Due to its high efficiency and ease of use, an organic absorbent based on peat is an assumption of interaction with oil spills, chemical emissions and other hazardous pollutants in the ground and in water.
After using the absorbent, contaminated peat can be detected, which allows you to get high fuel. This is an additional advantage of an organic absorbent based on peat, since it does not have its main function of releasing spills, as well as significant environmental pollution benefits.
the choice of an organic absorbent based on peat is an environmentally friendly and solution for the discharge of spills and water purification. Be attentive to the environment and provide protection from pollution with this innovative product!

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