Complex organic fertilizer “BiostimaX “

There are a lot of amino acids micro and macro nutrients in organic matter, and it can be used. But getting to it is not so easy. Useful organic matter and mineral substances are separated from plants by the cell shell. It needs to be destroyed and, thus, activate organic matter. It’s not as easy as it might seem.

The stiffened cell wall is compared with reinforced concrete. It consists of cellulose and lignin. Lignin resists compression well, and cellulose acts as reinforcement, preventing the cell shell from breaking when stretched.BioVermix company has a unique production technology and presents to your attention a complex 100% organic fertilizer “BiostimaX”.

Dimension :

1lt -50lt and IBC tanks


We can help care for your favorite plants


The only product specially designed not only for the agricultural market, but also for anyone who decides to grow organically.


Tested by skilled farmers from the region on the on the most crops


The Republic of Azerbaijan has not yet exported organic fertilizers and the BIOVERMIX company eliminated this gap.


Developed with the help of subject matter experts with 30 years of experience

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